As free agency kicked off the start of a new
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As free agency kicked off the start of a new
football season https://www.49ersfanshop.com/Garrett-Celek-Jersey , the NFL sent a clear message to anyone paying attention:Colin Kaepernick, you’re still not wanted.Probably not ever.Oh, and while we’re at it, it’s pretty clear the owners have every intention of clamping down on any other players who tries to carry on Kaepernick’s legacy.Rattled by another big dip in the television ratings and an increasing number of empty seats, the league seems determined to banish peaceful protest from the playing field.While it’s quite a stretch to say those trends are intimately related – injuries, bad games and poor showings by several of the league’s most popular teams were surely bigger factors in the waning popularity – the guys sitting on what remains an enormous cash cow aren’t taking any chances.Since Kaepernick is the one who got this whole thing started by having the audacity to silently kneel during the national anthem to protest racial injustice – the nerve of that guy! – his career could very well be over.Never mind that he’s undoubtedly more talented than many of the quarterbacks who still have paying jobs.Just look at those who have already agreed to new deals heading into the 2018 season.– Kirk Cousins , who has a losing career record as a starter and has yet to win a playoff game.– Case Keenum , coming off a marvelous season with the Minnesota Vikings but definitely a candidate for one-year wonder.– AJ McCarron , who has just three starts in four years.– Mike Glennon , saddled with an awful career record of 6-16.– Tom Savage , who went 1-6 as the Texans‘ starter last season.– Chase Daniel, the epitome of a journeyman.– Josh McCown , who is 38 years old and, despite the lack of any apparent success over his long career Arik Armstead Jersey , keeps landing on his feet.While all those guys keep cashing checks, Kaepernick was working out privately on a field in Houston , quietly going through the grind with only the help of his personal trainers, apparently still hopeful of restarting his career.His optimism is likely misplaced.While there’s always a chance of some owner breaking ranks to sign Kaepernick, the possibility grows less likely with each passing day. If anything, the owners are intent on nipping social consciousness in the bud.Stephen Ross of the Miami Dolphins probably spoke out loud what most owners are saying behind closed doors when he was quoted as saying his players would be required to stand for the national anthem this season.Ross quickly backtracked, saying his comments were ”misconstrued,” but a statement explaining his position left no doubt that he’s had enough of taking a knee.”I’m passionate about the cause of social justice, and I feel that kneeling is an ineffective tactic that alienates more people than it enlists,” he said.There was also a report from the Houston Chronicle that Texans owner Robert McNair doesn’t want to acquire players who have engaged in protests or might be likely to going forward. While the team quickly denied the report, McNair’s stance on such issues is apparent to everyone. At an owners meeting last year, he grumbled that ”we can’t have the inmates running the prison” – a remark that prompted most of his players to join arms and kneel before their next game .Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks cut ties with two of their most outspoken players, Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman . While a point could be made that these moves were strictly designed to clear room under the salary cap and rebuild an aging defense Frank Gore Color Rush Jersey , one couldn’t help but wonder if their support of Kaepernick’s protest contributed to the moves.After clearly being blackballed last season, Kaepernick filed a grievance alleging the owners colluded to keep him out of the league . But it would probably take a mass walkout by all the fellow players to get him back on the field, and that’s not happening.There’s too much money at stake to risk it all for a single player, no matter how unjustly he’s been treated. Even if all the players could come together as one, chances are their protest would collapse as soon as they miss a few paychecks, just as it did during the infamous 1987 strike when a plethora of big-name players crossed the picket line.So, as we get started on a new NFL season, Kaepernick can expect to keep working out in solitude, at least until he decides on another line of work.A bunch of less-qualified quarterbacks will continue to hold jobs.The only message we can send:Shame on you, NFL.—Paul Newberry is a sports columnist for The Associated Press. Write to him at pnewberry(at)ap.org or at http://www.twitter.com/pnewberry1963 . His work can be found at https://apnews.com/search/paul newberry— Each year, it seems like the 49ers continue to find diamonds in the rough with late-round defensive backs. Last season, it was third round corner Ahkello Witherspoon and seventh round safety Adrian Colbert who impressed. In this year’s draft, GM John Lynch added versatile defensive back D.J. Reedin the fifth round and safety Marcell Harris in the sixth round. Due to injuries to corner K’Waun Williams and Colbert, defensive coordinator Robert Saleh had no choice but to lean on Reed in the slot and Harris in the strong safety spot. Against the Broncos https://www.49ersfanshop.com/Bradley-Pinion-Jersey , both players shined and started to make a case for a starting job — even when the incumbents return. Reed earned himself a game ball with his performance against Denver, racking up 12 tackles, one sack, three tackles for loss and a forced fumble. Harris was equally as impressive, filling the stat sheet with seven tackles and two for loss. Early in the first quarter, Reed shows off his tackling ability from the slot corner position. The ex-Kansas State defender is able to shed off the block and tackle Broncos’ running back Phillip Lindsay for only a four-yard gain. For corners, sound tackling is an important skill and Reed seems to show that from the get go.Once again, it’s the exact same play, with Reed lined up in the same spot. This time, he’s able to skirt through the blockers and drop Lindsay for a three-yard loss. Shooting the gap and stopping the run is a huge priority for defenders on the edge and for Reed to singlehandedly bring down Lindsay is fantastic.Now, let’s take a look at Reed in his primary job — covering the slot receiver. Matched up against rookie wideout Daesean Hamilton, Reed is able close immediately on him and make the tackle after only a gain of one yard. Now for the other rookie defensive back, Harris, who’s sees the wide receiver reverse play start to happen before it actually does and then shoots the gap for the tackle. That’s great instincts for a rookie who missed a majority of the season. Harris is able to drop the speedy Sutton for a one-yard loss. Here is Reed’s best play of the afternoon. On a slot blitz Laken Tomlinson Jersey , Broncos’ quarterback Case Keenum recognized that Reed is coming off the edge and points it out to running back Devontae Booker, who misses the block. Reed sacks Keenum and forces the ball out, creating a turnover and a subsequent short field for the 49ers’ offense. Once again, Harris is lined up right near the line of scrimmage, staring at the running back in the backfield. Keenum turns and hands it off to backup Royce Freeman, who gets immediately taken down by Harris for a loss on the play. Harris makes the perfect read and is able to blow past the blockers to take Freeman down.Now in coverage, Harris shows off his closing speed to the offensive player. Covering the running back out of the backfield, Harris sees the play develop and is able to make the solo tackle immediately.Both Reed and Harris showed off their ability to read the plays, make solo tackles in space, cover guys in space and also bring down running backs. For rookie defenders, there’s not much more you can ask than for effort and energy on every play. For Harris and Reed to be able to have successful afternoons is a bright sign for the 49ers’ defensive future.
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